HR Value Chain Awards - 2023

See How your HR Processes are Contributing to Organization's Business Goals though HR Value Chain Certification and Awards
New Delhi | India | 08 April. 2023

HR Value Chain HR Awards 2022

HR Excellence Awards By  World HR Federation & HR Association India

HRVC HR Awards and Certification help you understand how different HR Processes are adding value to your Organizations Business Goals. You come to know which HR Processes still need to be optimized and the Roadmap.

Opportunity to Measure the Robustness of your HR Processes

HR VC Awards Provide you with unique opportunity to diagnose your HR Processes for their Business Impact. You get clear understanding of where you shine and where you need to buckle up.

Get a Roadmap to Act Upon

Not only the diagnosis of your HR Processes, you also get recommended Roadmap to Act Upon. This is what makes HRVC Awards one of its kind and assists you in elevating the maturity levels of your HR Processes.

Know where you Stand in Comparison with the Industry

Benchmarks help you evaluate yourself better and plan your improvement strategies meticulously.

Get Awarded and Certified

Get Awarded and Certified in the areas you outperform and get roadmap for the others. Work on recommendations and optimize your HR Processes.

HR Value Chain Awards Maturity Levels

These HR Awards help you Participate and getting Assessed on 26 HR Processes. Your HR Processes are assessed on five Maturity Levels  and you get a report on where you stand in terms of HR Excellence.

Maturity Levels


Level 1

Process is in initial stage of development. It is Unpredictable, Poorly Controlled & Executed, Reactive and Performance is not Measures or Reported


Level 2

Process Implementation has begin, No / Poor SOPs, Inconsistent Execution & Performance Measurement, Sporadic Reporting


Level 3

Well Documented Process, SOPs in Place, Consistent Execution, Performance Measurement and Reporting is Regular, Creating Business Impact.


Level 4

Regular Measurement and Controlling of the Process, Its Business Impact. Key Metrics Analysis is done, Proactive and Predictive Measures are Taken.


Levels 5

Excellent Process Measurement, Monitoring and Predictive Modelling. Continuous Process Improvement through PDCA / Else. Measured & Controlled Customer Experience.

26 HR Processes Covered in HRVC Awards

You can opt for any 6 Processes to Participate in HRVC Awards. Please see the complete participation guidelines below this section.

1. Talent Acquisition

Organization’s Ability to Acquire best fit talent at right time and at right cost.

2. Talent Strategy and Planning

Long term Talent Strategy to achieve Organization’s Vision, Mission and Goals.

3. Succession Management

Organization’s Succession Planning Design, Strategies and Execution.

4. On Boarding

Employee Onboarding Experience, Learning Curve, Optimum Performance Curve in the Organization.

5. Titles and Pay

Organization’s Titles and Pay Parameters, Benchmarks and Comparisons

6. Employee Performance Management

Organization’s PMS, Criterion, Alignments & Mappings

7. Reward and Recognition

Organization’s R&R Strategies, Scheduling and Execution

8. HiPo Identification, Retention and Development

Organization’s Long Term High Potential Management Strategies

9. Learning and Development

Organization’s Capability to execute Result Oriented L&D Interventions with Impact Assessment

10. Knowledge Management

Organization’s Capability to pool individual employee’s experiences in a knowledge warehouse

11. Internal Mobility

Organization’s usage of internal mobility for Development, Retention and Growth

12. Global Exposure

Organization’s Requirement and Fulfilment of Global Exposure to its Employees

13. Workforce Planning

Organization’s Workforce Planning Requirements, Strategies and Execution

14. Retention Strategies

Organization’s Retention Needs, Strategies, Implementation and Results

15. Organizational Alignment

Organizations ability to achieve Performance Excellence by crating compatibility between is Goals, Objectives and activities AND Values, Practices and Behaviours

16. Organizational Culture

Organizational Culture’s Alignment with its Vision, Mission and Goals

17. Employee Engagement

Organization’s Employee Engagement Levels, Interventions and Impact

18. Diversity and Inclusion

Organization’s Diversity and Inclusion Policies, Strategies and Execution

19. CSR

Organizations capability to create measurable Impact through CSR

20. Employee Relations

Creating Meaningful, High Impact, Growth Oriented ER Systems

21. Off Boarding

Using best Off Boarding Practices for employee experience, Checklists and Surveys and Alumni Management

22. HR Data Analytics

Ability to use key High Maturity HR Metrics to create measurable Business Impact

23. HR Gamification

Using Gamification in HR Processes for quick adoption and maintenance

24. Employee Assistance

Organization’s Employee Assistance Interventions, Reach and Impact

25. Mentoring Process

Organization’s ability to make best use of Mentoring Systems

26. Coaching Culture

Adoption of Coaching Techniques as a Culture in the Organization

Participation Guidelines

Read the Participation Guidelines below, Contact us for any clarifications.

1. Your nomination fee for HRVC Awards entitles you to participate in any Six Categories ( HR Processes ). Though you may opt for any 6 out of the 26 Processes, we suggest to select 3 Processes which you believe you are really good at AND rest 3 which are very critical to your business needs.
If you wish to Participate in more than 6 Processes, Contact us for the details.
2. After you have completed the Participation Process, You will get a link to access the questionnaire, you would fill the questionnaire for each of the process you are participating in.
3. We suggest your HR Team sits together while filling the questionnaire, and the responses are marked based on consensus. The names of the participants shall be required and we may talk to them if required3
4. You should give accurate responses while filling the questionnaire, we may ask for proofs for your responses if you win an Award.
5. You will get a Diagnosis Report for each processes you are participating in. You may decide to act upon it for further improvements. The Report shall show the Maturity Level of each process in your Organization and the Ways to further Improve it.
6. Winners shall be selected for each processes, all participants shall get Maturity Level Certificate in the processes they have participated and the winners shall get the Award at the Award Function.

You May want to opt for One or More Themes to Participate…

Organizational Capability Building

  1. Talent Strategy and Planning
  2. Succession Management
  3. Employee Performance Management
  4. HiPo Identification, Retention and Development
  5. Knowledge Management
  6. Internal Mobility
  7. Workforce Planning
  8. Organizational Alignment
  9. Organizational Culture
  10. Diversity and Inclusion
  11. HR Data Analytics
  12. HR Gamification
  13. Mentoring Process
  14. Coaching Culture

Business Impact through HR

  1. Talent Acquisition
  2. Talent Strategy and Planning
  3. HiPo Identification, Retention and Development
  4. Learning and Development
  5. Knowledge Management
  6. Retention Strategies
  7. Employee Engagement
  8. HR Data Analytics

Future Ready HR

  1. Talent Strategy and Planning
  2. Succession Management
  3. HiPo Identification, Retention and Development
  4. Knowledge Management
  5. Workforce Planning
  6. Organizational Alignment
  7. Diversity and Inclusion
  8. Off Boarding
  9. HR Data Analytics
  10. HR Gamification

Employee Life-cycle Management

  1. Succession Management
  2. On Boarding
  3. Titles and Pay
  4. Employee Performance Management
  5. HiPo Identification, Retention and Development
  6. Learning and Development
  7. Internal Mobility
  8. Global Exposure
  9. Employee Engagement
  10. Employee Relations
  11. Employee Assistance
  12. Mentoring Process
  13. Coaching Culture

Employee Capability Building

  1. Succession Management
  2. On Boarding
  3. Employee Performance Management
  4. HiPo Identification, Retention and Development
  5. Learning and Development
  6. Knowledge Management
  7. Internal Mobility
  8. Global Exposure
  9. Mentoring Process
  10. Coaching Culture

Performance Management

  1. Succession Management
  2. Employee Performance Management
  3. Reward and Recognition
  4. HiPo Identification, Retention and Development
  5. Learning and Development
  6. Knowledge Management
  7. Internal Mobility
  8. Global Exposure
  9. Organizational Alignment
  10. Employee Engagement
  11. HR Data Analytics
  12. HR Gamification
  13. Employee Assistance
  14. Mentoring Process
  15. Coaching Culture

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Important Dates For HR Value Chain Awards

Nominations Open 01.07.2022

Nominations Close 30.03.2022

Assessment Till


Awards Function 08.04.2023

10% Discount Till 31.11.2022

“Future Ready HR Professioanal Awards”

Under Individual Category Organizations can Nominate their HR Professionals  for “Future Ready HR Professional” Award & Certification. This shall help Organizations and Participants understand their Capabilities on Various HR Processes and the Recommendations for the Upskilling. 

Apply Now

How these HR Awards are different than Other HR Excellence Awards

HR Awards or Human Resource Awards are created to reward and recognize best practices in Human Resources. These help establish benchmarks and boost HR Excellence. There are many HR Awards world over in many countries who have there own objectives. HR Value Chain Awards are very distinguished in certain ways…

1. These are not only HR Excellence Awards but also a HR Certification. These are like ISO of HR.
2. Not only you come to know where you stand on 26 HR processes, You also get recommendations on how you can improve these processes.
3. With these Awards you can create a Value Chain for you business and establish HR as a process that creates Business Impact and adds value to the bottom line.
4. With these awards you can embark on the journey to optimize all your HR Processes slowly and steadily.
5. HR Value Chain Awards provide you with an opportunity to, in a way, Audit Your HR Department.